Turquoise pendant

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🌸Turquoise is considered a stone of spiritual orientation and helps to communicate very effectively. It also helps balance male and female aspects.

🌸These blue stones have been in use for a thousand years and are the first from which jewelry was made. The natural energy of these stones helps to communicate without lies and twists. They allow for conversation with openness and the ability to empathize.

🌸They have a strong effect on the throat chakra and can help express clairvoyant abilities.Turquoises give access to past knowledge.

🌸Their energy helps and helps you feel calm and relaxed when performing in public.

🌸The energy of this stone will work in different ways, in different chakras and live a real and whole life.

🌸If you are a shy person, it can help you to have a more active conversation and be aware of when it is helpful to say a certain thing.

🌸During meditation, it is good to place it on the, 6th chakra, as it helps with clairvoyant abilities.

🌸The energy of turquoise stones also allows you to start developing your intuition on a much stronger level.

🌸Unlike many stones that can be used in the third eye chakra, you will remain quite grounded during their use. They hide beneficial energy for spiritual grounding.

🌸It brings a feeling of deep calm all over the body and can help treat emotional problems, stress and prevent mood swings.

🌸Since ancient times, they have been known as strong protective stones, and their psychic protective vibrations are very soothing.

🌸It enables a deeper awareness of the flow from life to life. It helps to determine what your current purpose is in a given situation.

🌸During meditation, it positively helps in exploring past lives and creating greater clarity in the mind.

🌸The vibration of this stone is strong inside the heart chakra as it ensures that the love energy flows through everything you do.

🌸More green colored turquoise crystals can enhance heart-based energy.

🌸In ancient times, men made protective amulets out of stone, as they were known to have strong protective properties.

🌸Shamans have used them throughout all ages as their pronounced vibrations were known to be very protective and very strong.

🌸Turquoise stones are excellent healing crystals that have been used for this purpose since ancient times. They are known to allow the body to treat many different diseases.

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