Citrine pendant

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High quality silver 925 citrine stone

Citrine is a stone of success and abundance. A beautiful stone that attracts wealth and fills us with energy! Citrine is a natural stone that is popular for its sunny yellow color. The name citrine comes from the Latin word citrus, which means “lemon”. Ancient civilizations valued citrine as a gift from the sun because they believed it would bring a sense of peace and joy to the user. It was later linked to wealth, especially in the business world. The merchants put the citrine in the cash register and called it the “Merchants’ Stone”. Recently, citrine has become known as the “stone of success”. It is particularly recommended for startups and startups. It helps to find suppliers, customers, business partners and to improve sales. It teaches us material success and advancement. It draws abundance into our lives and also helps us maintain it. It helps solve money related problems like lawsuits, litigation, inheritance, etc. It is also used to relieve depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. It brings new hope, optimism and arouses joy and happiness in us. It fills us with energy and brings inner peace. Citrine is one of the crystals that breaks down negative energy, rather than attracting it, so it doesn’t need to be purified. It is also a strong protective stone that protects the aura. During its detoxifying effects, citrine strengthens the immune system and metabolism. Citrine serves the wearer as a kind of cleansing stone. It strengthens sensitive people in their expression, on a new path of enlightenment it protects us from problems and suicide. It helps persistent and determined people build careers and pass exams successfully.

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