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Astrology is an ancient science, which was already practiced before BC.
At that time it was very important since it was a part of curriculum at schools.
It examines the influences and relationships between the movements and positions of celestial bodies and life on Earth.

The natal chart is our code with the help of which we are trying to explain our characteristics and predict our destiny.

In my personal opinion, we can regulate self-reflection and work on ourselves in order to change our  destiny. Astrology is a great tool for this, as we can see, which areas are necessary to focus on and what needs to be learnt. In addition to that, it shows us what to change and what to forgive ourselves and the others. It serves as a tool and a guide for the treatment.

Like the treatment with precious and semi-precious stones astrology is also a very old method of treatment. In fact, both are intertwined.

As each planet has its stones, also each degree and every chakra has its stones in astrology. Any problem in our lives can be solved. The stones can help with their positive and healing effects. For each disease or problem there are various stones. Diseases and problems are caused by energy blockages. These blockages have the energy potential and the swing of which can be felt in minerals. If these potentials and swings have the possibility of entering into resonance, they can be mutually balanced. This is how miraculous healing happens. These stones are not only useful for treating diseases, but also to fulfill wishes in all areas of our lives.

My mission is to produce personalized bracelets based on your natal chart, which will help you achieve your goals.

Kim Mahnič
Astrological Jewelry Artist

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